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The Nationwide Funding Tour!

Lee Arnold created the Funding Tour to be a hands-on experience that will change you from a novice real estate part-timer to a powerhouse full-time investor in only 3 days.

This dynamic 3-day workshop shows you how to quickly implement what works in today's real estate industry. This isn't a pitch-fest, or the same workbook style seminar training that keeps you in your seat and out of the real world of investing - instead, you'll join our Power Team of Experts and visit real-world funding opportunities that are available today, right now. You'll learn from the masters of deal structuring first hand and without breaking your bank.

Great Real Estate finds are Everywhere and there is Private Funding Available for you RIGHT NOW!

At The Funding Tour You Will:

Participate in the "Hedge Fund Round Table" and actually practice what you are learning - ask our expert questions, get tips and advice from your fellow investors, and gain experience through mock deals we've taken from real investments opportunities.

Take our Bus Tour where you will walk through and view for yourself real deals that attract funding every time.

Find out how to be the lender and participate in this booming market without even buying and selling properties yourself.

Walk away with real, actual, profitable, lender-financed deals.

The Only Real Estate Funding Tour in the Nation!

This One-Two Punch Combination to Finding and Funding Deals will change the way you look and practice real estate forever.

Here you'll learn how to get bigger, higher profit deals in only 3 days while making strategic, nationwide partnerships with borrowers, lenders, and private money facilitators. This is your one chance to find deals that Private Money Funding requires with successful, sincere Real Estate Investing experts. THIS IS THE REAL DEAL.

What The Funding Tour IS: This is an intensive, highly interactive workshop for serious Real Estate Investors only.

What The Funding Tour is NOT: This isn't a conference to simply take notes - you WILL be required to participate!

Here's What Others Are Saying

testimonials"It should be the last workshop you attend. This is the consummate workshop to elevate your business. The VIP dinner is permanently etched in my mind. I like the hedge fund table because it enabled us to play the part of lender."
Faye Dawkins -
Jacksonville, Florida

testimonials"Real world value that no one else is teaching. I could not have envisioned the value brought before us. It surpassed my expectations by a mile! No words to thank you enough!"
- Margie Dunki-Jacobs
   Williston, Vermont

testimonials"This seminar is unlike no other. This company truly wants us to succeed.
This will be the last seminar you need. I am glad I came, this was a great event. Everyone is like family. Having church on Sunday was special."
- Leticia Martinez
   Le Mesa, California

Seating Is Limited

Since we genuinely want everyone to get the most out of our workshops, we keep attendance to 150 individuals or less in order to better personalize your experience. Registration closes on the midnight prior to the first day or when all available seats have been filled. Bear in mind that our events are extremely popular and seating will very likely reach maximum capacity before our registration close date.