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Broker Certification & Training Program

Private money brokering is a daunting and expensive task if you have not been expertly trained. That's why The Lee Arnold System of Real Estate Investing offers a 4 day certification and training course on becoming a private money broker.

What is a Private Money Broker?

Private Money BrokerA private money broker is an intermediary who brings non-owner occupied commercial real estate investor borrowers and private money institutions together, but does not use their own funds to originate private money mortgages.

The broker's essential function is to gather paperwork from these borrowers and oversee the loan and packaging process for submission to the lender for underwriting, approval, and funding. The mortgage funds are then lent in the name of the private money institution. Upon closing, the private money broker receives his or her previously negotiated fee as compensation as part of the settlement statement at the time funds are dispersed.

Why Become a Certified Private Money Broker?

Certified Private Money BrokerPrivate money brokers have the opportunity to work independently, at a very high income potential that promotes both personal and financial freedom. Brokers don't need sales pitches because there are so many folks in the marketplace looking for funding right now. There is no overhead, no receivables, no refunds, and no losses. This is a service well accepted and revered by borrowers as well as lenders.

As a Certified Private Money Broker, our sister company, Cogo Capital, performs the underwriting, approval, and even the funding - providing you with a direct private money source. Our program offers 3 levels of certified training: Basic Certification, Senior Broker, and Master Broker options. Each certification level earns 1-3 percent in origination fees, respectively. This means if 1% in origination points is paid out of closing (loan amount x 0.01), a basic-level Certified Broker will earn $1,000.00 on a $100k loan.

What to Expect

2 Certification Prep Courses
3 Day Training and Certification
1 Bonus Day on Marketing
Certification Training Manual
Private Money Broker Certification Test
Monthly Broker Training Webinars
Loan Documents and Checklist
Access to Exclusive Loan Funnel Formula
Proof of Funds Letter
Access to our Lender Rolodex

Enrollment Cost - $2497 (find out if you qualify for payment options or Affiliate discounts).